Our Mancub

Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Friday, June 18, 2010


can you sense our excitement? want to guess WHY? Toy Story 3 comes out today!!! We are seeing it in 3D and we are stoked! let's see how the gang uses their shenanigans to get free THIS time!

ive been working on a project for the last couple of days and i want you all to check it out because it was like lightning had struck my brain when i thought of it! You all remember the drinks we had at the reception, right? Jarritos! well we buy flats of it and i had skyler and michael save the bottle caps not knowing exactly what i wanted to do with them, but i figured it out!{thumb tacks} i got the lids, dipped those little buggars in paint and attached a thumb tack to the back of them. i now use them as push pins on my cork board by our computer desk.

and heres a little sumn sumn i made {Nikki Metcalf} for her birthday! i just love her :) glad you liked them!

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  1. You could also make some way cute refrigerator magnets with those, too.