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Our Mancub
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Friday, March 11, 2011

crossies DO count!

i have been keeping my fingers crossed for a few days now about a job opportunity to go through. we wont know about it for a couple weeks but im still getting antsy. it would get my full time hours while working from an office and from home while still being able to work part time at bed bath & beyond until Skyler finishes school or i get a bun in the oven: whichever comes first.
so please y'all, keep your fingers crossed for me too eh? thanksss.
i have had a couple days off from BBB and have been working on a few projects for some people in the ward while i edit pictures so i have decided to maybe make some things for the house as decor {partly so sky will get off my back about having blank walls} but mostly its things that i SEE in a store that i can whip up without having to pay 39.99 for it. i will be posting my little do-hickeys and thing-a-majigs as i get them done.
this is #1:

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