Our Mancub

Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Saturday, October 29, 2011

holy hannah.

well i think the words "lost track of time" would be an understatement right now. i have not posted in forever. so much has happened.. well, my parents moved BACK to idaho. yeah, i know. already. i got my wisdom teeth out {2 of them anyways. 1 to go. but thats already been talked about} and i got braces. braceface is the new name, dont wear it out. im cool like that.
fiona and natalie came and went. they are never here long enough. it was so great having them here. we went and ate lots of food, shopped, and watched a hell of a lot of the vampire diaries. i love me some of the salvatore brothers ha. such a good show. I took photos for karli and jaren and they turned out so great. its not hard to get great photos when you have such great and good looking people to take pics of. that same comment being said for krystal and camerons wedding. it was FAB. best wedding ive done to date and i love love loved the party. good times :)
im upset. i am. jersday is no more. next season or jersey shore better be as sleazy as this last season or we are going to be quite upset. it ain't easy bein sleazy. not all the good shows are gone though. extreme makeover home edition is back with new episodes; making me bawl my eyes out every sunday night. {as usual} TVD season 3 started, bomb. i used to be fat is back on. gold rush: alaska. SNL. its been a good last few weeks in the Roussel household dvr.  
i have become slightly obsessed with Drake as of late. okay. slightly might be an undetstatement. i love his voice. it be bomb. headlines is constantly stuck in my head. music makes me happy and all of ya'll know that. Karlees bridal shower was last night and it was faboo. so much fun with everyone there. she is so sweet and innocent it was fun to watch her blush. i took family photos today for some neighbors of ours then sky and i went to red lobster. well, the sign was broken, so it was just Lobster. i had chicken and it wasnt too bad. im on my . though, so everthing makes me sick. lucky me. and my hormones are going INSANE. crying in the middle of the floor has become and expertise of mine... enough typing for me. i cant stop haha. goodnight!

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