Our Mancub

Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


as of late, our lives have been filled with glad and sad times. we have recently traveled to california and spent 4 days, just skyler and i. we went to disneyland superbowl sunday and the day after and had such an amazing time with one another. its nice to just be able to pic up and go right now. no kids to deal with. no animals to get someone to feed and water. that may change this year.. i dont know.
we also have made a big purchase. we are now proud owners of a Canon 5D Mark II camera. it. is. amazing. i mean, i thought when i married skyler i was in love, then i got this camera.. Im kidding obviously. i wouldnt trade skyler for anything in this world. with a growing client base, it was s necessary purchase and i love and care for all of you who support me. with the amazing feeling of the suport from all of you, of course youll have those people who have to try and bring you down. the ones who hurt you. the ones who tear you down because theyre too unhappy with themselves. just remember, you are loved. you were brought here for a purpose, and for every purson who is tearing you down, there are outnumbered by the ones who are holding you up.


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