Our Mancub

Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I had a shoot this morning, holy cow.
t'was legen (wait for it........) dary.
we had a shoot planned for the afternoon that cancelled
so we went out on the town.
we went to BBB and got this duvet that i have
had on hold for FOREVER.
it is amazing.
and i am excited.
then we went to bahama bucks.
i got lemenade :)
after we went to bahama bucks, we went to sears.
skyler got an air compressor.
he has died and gone to heaven i swear!
while we were at the mall, we stopped at VS of course
and i got this lucky little guy.
say 'ello to my new laptop bag.
complete with zipper and pocket for my mouse.
im in love.

love - j

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