Our Mancub

Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Friday, October 12, 2012


things have been insane with us roussel's lately. skyler started at his new job a couple months ago and this couldn't have come at a better time. he loves going to work and when he comes home he isn't stressed out. buh-bye kidney stones. (hope i didn't just jinx that..) he is still working his part-time job, mostly on the weekends, but it is still nice to have him home. skyler also turned 27! we had a great birthday celebrations here at the house with some family and friends. which included cake naturally. thank you to kayla jj recker, karlee john, cami brady, millie devin mckemmy and sawyer for all coming. he had a great time. he graduated with honors from itt-tech a few days after his birthday. me and baby could not be more proud of him.
 i am still working at the dental office for now and my available photo days are filling up before i shut down for a couple of months to push a giant baby out of my body. nbd. gradnpa lemieux turned the big 8-0 last week. all of the grandkids are throwing him a big surprise birthday party tomorrow and i could not be more excited to celebrate with him. he, among skyler and my dad obviously, is my favorite man in the world. never failing to give me a big hug/kiss every time i see him with an 'I love you' to follow.
baby has a name. yes, a real name. but don't ask for it, because i won't tell you what it is. it's not that we think it will get 'stolen' or people won't like it, we just are very pleased with the name and would like to wait for him to debut it himself. it does have sentimental value, and for that, we are pleased. it isn't a name that is heard often, but it is still somewhat common. he is growing more and more every day. 'on the large side' is where dr beck refers to his size. he must take after his dad. he is constantly in kicking rages. always around meal time, which is where he takes after me. i hit 24 weeks yesterday and i cant believe i only have another 16 weeks to go. i don't understand why people say pregnancy drags onnn and onnnnnn... i also didn't get sick and haven't started getting achy yet, so give me a few more months and i will more than likely retract that statement.
to wrap it up, we are all good and well. very happy. very healthy. following this post will be photo updates.


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