Our Mancub

Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i laugh.

work has been going well and we have been super busy but its been okay. we have a few trips coming up before the end of the year so we're super excited! i have had the opportunity to take photos for a couple of amazing lovers this last week and i am so super excited to share! we went to dinner at rumbi lastnight with dale & cajsa... they pretty much loved it. well, Caj & Paco did but they're all 3 the same. we went to the mall and i got new blush with the help of my wifey and love child. its dior
& it. is. AMAZING!
my dad is down for a couple of weeks so weve been at the rents basically every day. sad news: Falco died. my dad was pretty upset. he lost his little friend. he went to bed and the next morning Flaco {not sure if it was a he or she} was laying next to their large cage dead. he said he thinks it may have just worn itself out trying to fly.. now dads all by him lonesome again. he brought me some new beams for my table! they are 8 in square beams which will look fab as some chunky legs on the table sky made me!
i have figured out what i am going to get skyler for his birthday. i am not going to write it on here because i know it will be the ONE time he decides to look at the blog and it will be the post with his birthday present on it. just my luck. let me know if you want to know what it be!

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