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Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


zoe yelled at me to update... okay it wasnt a yell, it was more like... a threateningly "loud" conversation... okay it wasnt any of those things... but ive been asked to update, so i must!!
well, as most people know who have been around the house recently
yup. jered has moved in and he has been the PERFECT house guest. we love that lil guy. my parents also ended up buying a house out here in terra ranch (chandler heights and hawes area) and are making their transition here slowly but surely. my mom and youngest, but definately not LITTLE by any means, are here so kade can start school ontime. he decided to join up on the football team (holla!) which will be great to get the kick-start on the basketball season. my papapa is still up in idaho manning the fort up there til we get it sold. him and his pet Falcon; appropriately named Falcor. Hes going to be mroe of a winter visitor for us down here. it is WAYYY too hot to have to be here all year long. that is for damn sure.
my mom got a job with Epic Media Design & Print aka: Jake Bridge. basically the best printer out there. not even kidding.. look him up. hes fabulous. but she is going to be working her magic on PS for some of his ads and invitations he has coming up. GO JAKE! Jered is working at Morenos on Combs & Ironwood as a busser ((he  doesnt really like too much of the people interaction right now)) and is playing basketball basically every second he gets free.
 I am back at my old job at my aunts husbands dental office. its a grond 'ol time being back with people i love to work with. dont get me wrong i love being at BBB and i love the people i work with so dont take that out of context. I work up front and sit my pretty fanny at a computer all day so eh. i get up as much as a possibly can to stretch out my legs. Skyler is still at MVCI and is being a baller at ITT Tech. that man, i honestly dont know how he does it. i would sit and bed and cry if i had to do what he does on a day to day basis with little sleep. i get grumpy :) hopefully he will be done with school september of 2012 and we will be able to start poppin out mini's. i will have the cutest mini's out there!!
my photography is starting to take off which is something i am loving more and more every day. i am so fortunate enough to have that solid group of friends, including the one who is making me post this (ha jk love you zoe,) family, managers, and especially my awesomely fabulous husband who all love and support me in everything i do. especially the words of encouragement i get when im having a down day or hear nasty things said about me and my creativity. i have 3 weddings, yes..3, coming up.. engagement photos, family sessions, and soon to be scheduled some senior portrait sessions. i am willing to go above and beyond for the ones i love so its nice to see that same kindness and caring feelingas reciprocated when it comes to the people i love.
skyler and i recently traveled down to mexico for the 4th of july! thank you so much to the williams family to opening your condo and arms to us! we love you guys and hope there are many more bonding experiences in the future! i am now addicted to mangos on the beach. or in the pool.. or in my room.. just mangos all around!! i got friend to a durn crisp when i was there but the experience was amazing! Skyler has been talking with Blake about making a trip down there when he gets home from the DR in Sept so i am stoked to spend time with blake and get to know him better!
Abby Justin Sky & I have become fabulously close. for those of you who dont know them, you are seriously missin out. abs and i had been friends since our early teens, and i have known justin since elementary school. we are lucky enough to live literally second away from eachother and basically see one another every day! skyler and justin have taken jered as their apprentice in the scorp hunting industry. he is now the:
Scorpion Hunter In Training... 
(and yes, the acronym for that is accidentally awesome as the name itself!) 
which has come in handy with my mom having found a few scorps at her new casa. one of which kade called us hyperventilating from the top of a kitchen barstool because it was going to "eat him" and was reportedly "as big as his hand." we never found the ferocious beast but he is not forgotten. if you are reading this: watch it beastly. we WILL find you.
 also, i have to admit something:
i, jessica amber lemieux roussel, am addicted to pinterest.
pinterest is the most fabulous invention to ever hit the internet. screw gayspace. screw facepush. its all about the pinning now and i think everyone knows it. thats the awesome part. its like.. when youre a popular girl in high school, you know it. well, not that im speaking from experience, ha, but you rule the playground.  pinterest is the premature rockin hott bod of the playground we call the internet.  so get on or get out. dealio?
now that ive basically sumarized our whole lives in a blog post, its time to edit photos which is why i originally signed onto the computer..

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