Our Mancub

Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

im weak.

so.. i caved. skyler thought he figured out his birthday present. i have been pretty good at lying about it or throwing him off-course but since he kept asking i decided to show him online.
he flipped & it was great.
i am so excited. i am getting him a bolt action remington 770 with a ss barrel. it full camo with a scope and all. we went to walmart and looked at it and he checked up on the ammo. excited much? answer that with a yes. we also checked out a laptop that is a small possibility for my birthday. that or maybe a disneyland trip.. or whatever skyler wants to do with my day of birth. id love anything from that man. hes so super thoughtful.
jakey is home :) he just got back from his Seattle, Washington mission and i am so so so so super stoked to see him. i got to talk to him today and it made me miss him even more!!! & i get to see scotty { and i havent seen him since before he left to guat }
we head to vegas next weekend and i get to take lovely mackenzies senior pics. AND it will be davids birthday. double whammy! more to post at another time.

hugs not drugs.

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