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Our Mancub
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

in sickness + in health

well I sure hope he meant it! This stress is getting to me people. badly. I have been up for hairs thinking and editing and puking.. wracking my brain on how to get out of these situations I am in. I have gotten support from many of you and I am very appreciative of that. All of your kind words make me wake up every morning with my head held high not feeling like a piece of crap like some people want me to feel. My body does this thing when I get stressed out; it always has & I HATE it. It basically shuts down. I can't keep food in my system, I can't sleep (hence the 1:15am blog post) and it sucks. It's horrible. I hate that Skyler has to deal with me like this all the time. We will be out or have plans and we have to head home early because "I don't feel good." I feel so bad for the kid. Anyone want to take my place so he can hit the town every once in a while?? I have a cousin who has Crohn's Disease and he posted an article on how they have discovered new evidence that Crohn's runs through cousins.. do I have it.. do I have a gluten allergy.. am I lactose-intolerant.. or OS my body shutting down again due to stress for the millionth time in my life? We might not ever figure it out...
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  1. Oh Jessica. :( Dont fret! I have a book that is titled "eat right 4 your type" it was actually very helpful! all you need to know is your blood type. Positive and negatives dont matter- just the letter. I as well get really bloated and gassy to where my stomach hurts when i get stressed out. I have noticed a big difference when i try to 'eat right'. Dont get me wrong I still get stomach aches now and then but its not nearly as bad! And keep in mind when your stomach starts to hurt LAY ON YOUR LEFT SIDE!!! it will help tremendously! your organs all fall, allowing your body to release gas and stress! Im not kidding!! As far as thinking you might have Crohns thats deff something that you would have to medically look into! However I have a friend that has it and she said she hasnt had a 'episode' since she has started on "DIVINE NATURE supplements' (http://divinenature.com/) I have witnessed amazing things with this company! They take a blood sample and go from there telling you what your body is missing and thats why your body reacts the way it does! Honestly get an appointment!!! I also have a friend that has that really bad acne! the kind where you look at hem and think oh my goodness i feel so bad, it must hurt! her face was always raised and red. She satrted supplements and she has a clearer face than me!!! Im not kidding!!! Please look into it! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE!? nothing, so try it!- good luck :)- sarah harrold