Our Mancub

Our Mancub
Rex 9 months

Sunday, September 25, 2011

oh goodness.

life has been better. not so much sickness, not so much stress, lots of delicious food. Life cant get better right?
...i love Up All Night...
that is the first thing that i post because it is what i am watching at this very moment. that is beside the point. Its hillarious. i love Maya Rudolph. i do. shes hillarious.
 i got to Skype with Brandon today for like half an hour which was faboo. he stripped for me. i saw his collar bone and we shared a Milo candy bar. i think i need to get skyler a skype. every time i am on he always tries to creep in the backround of all my conversations. what a bum. not even kidding.
it is still hot as sin here. just in case you are wondering.. sin is seriously SO hot..  the sun is shining and i hate it. i do not like the sun one bit. he burns me and makes me peel and then be white again. its not MY fault i was born basically albino! {although the 2 times i have been to Florida i got tan and it made me ver very happy!}
Its wedding season. its baby season.
everyone is either having a baby or getting pregnant and it makes me so very happy. babies scare me and make me think i am going to break them. once they hit about 4 or 5 months then its fun happy time and i play with them lots and lots. sky + i have been very on-again-off-again with the whole baby topic. everyone says the coined phrase "youll just know." i dont know so obviously its not time. right? at least thats my argument with the hubby. lets see how long that lasts before our stances switch again. ill be begging for a baby and he will say no. oh well i guess? when we are both ready then i guess we will know it is for sure the right time.
this blog post is EVERYWHERE. i keep getting distracted by my pinterest on the other screen and the cmt top 20 countdown to my left.   just one more thing and i think i will be done. i got new business cards. i love these little puppies. they look different in person because they are printed on paper that has a pearl finish on them so they are shiny!! i LOVE shiny!
designed them myself and i think theyre great. if you dont like them then you suck and i couldnt care less haha. i tried uploading a photo of them but it keeps putting it smack dab in the middle of my post and it pissed me off to the point where i dont care if it is on here or not... stupid computer.

okay i tried again and it worked so obviously i cared enough to try a katrillion times and it had to work at some point. IN YOUR FACE TECHNOLOGY! okay im done. too much distraction. i just saw a great pin and now taylor swift is on.  

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